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The Paradocs Podcast with Eric Larson

The Paradocs is a fun and lively discussion with a couple of docs on the practice of medicine. Occasionally serious, usually lighthearted, and accidentally informative. A show for physicians to learn more about what is going on and a great place for them to direct their friends and family to better understand the challenges they face.

Dec 5, 2018

Physician suicide is an epidemic. How else do you describe 400 physicians per year ending their own lives which is over twice the national average? Why do so many doctors feel that the only escape from their pain is suicide? How do we end this epidemic and begin to heal the healers?
Dr. Pamela Wible is a family physician raised by two physician parents (a psychiatrist and pathologist) who found herself on a journey to help physicians deal with suicide. It is not a path that she expected to be on or even sought out. It came to her both through personal experience and later reflection on the others who struggled with suicide.
Dr. Wible dealt with what she described as 100% self imposed occupational suicidal ideation as the career of medicine she chose was not shaping up to be what she envisioned when starting medical school. Through the process of a hosting a number of town halls she created an ideal clinic that the community asked for and she has thrived practicing medicine and cured her dark thoughts.
Unfortunately, Dr. Wible also attended the third funeral of a physician colleague in her town in Oregon and felt that something must be wrong with the profession. Countless interviews, discussions, and investigations later - Dr. Wible has become an accidental expert on the subject of physician suicide and what must be done to combat it. She has also established an unofficial hotline for physicians, friends, and family members to contact to help the physicians in their lives who are in trouble.
In addition to these accomplishments, Dr. Wible has written two books, had numerous media appearances, spoken before physicians and medical students, and has even done a Ted Talk which is linked below. Dr. Wible is also a gifted conversationalist and turned my interview around midway through to ask me questions about anesthesiology and why I thought it is the most 'dangerous' specialty in medicine.
  Dr. Pamela Wible is a family physician who is prominent for her work in helping physicians dealing with suicidal thoughts and burnout.


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Twitter for Dr. Wible

Ideal Medical Care - Dr. Wible's Website:  The official website for Dr. Pamela Wible. Links to Ted Talks, lectures, blog posts, and interviews.

Physician Suicide Help Line: If you're a distressed physician suffering and looking for help Dr. Wible is happy to offer assistance.

Episode 009: My discussion with Dr. Stacia Dearmin where we discuss the toll that medical malpractice cases inflict on practicing physicians and its prevalence.

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