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The Paradocs Podcast with Eric Larson

The Paradocs is a fun and lively discussion with a couple of docs on the practice of medicine. Occasionally serious, usually lighthearted, and accidentally informative. A show for physicians to learn more about what is going on and a great place for them to direct their friends and family to better understand the challenges they face.

Jun 24, 2020


What does it mean to have a virtual telehealth doctor's visit? Can artificial intelligence (AI) and telehealth actually work in a medical setting in a way that doesn't frustrate doctors or patients? Well, my guest today is the chief medical officer of 98Point6 which is a text based primary care service for...

Jun 18, 2020


Finally an episode without discussing COVID-19 (well a tiny bit maybe). Today I'm joined by my friend and colleague Dr. Randy Lovell who has opened his own innovative practice in Grand Rapids where he looks to become fully transparent. He also looks to do almost all his hand surgeries in the office without using...