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The Paradocs Podcast with Eric Larson

The Paradocs is a fun and lively discussion with a couple of docs on the practice of medicine. Occasionally serious, usually lighthearted, and accidentally informative. A show for physicians to learn more about what is going on and a great place for them to direct their friends and family to better understand the challenges they face.

Jun 27, 2018

Episode 012: Why is Health Insurance so Expensive? An interview with Dr. Keith Smith of the Surgery Center of Oklahoma.

Why is health insurance so expensive? Why have premiums accelerated under the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. Obamacare) even more than they were before? Even with the increased guaranteed coverage...

Jun 20, 2018

Episode 011: Let's Treat Patients, Not Populations. A Discussion with Dr. Michel Accad.
What does it mean to treat a patient? Is it knowing your patient and making an educated decisions about how best to treat them or is it viewing people in the aggregate and working towards making the best medical choices for your...

Jun 13, 2018

Episode 010: Is the FDA Killing You? A Discussion on the Impact of FDA Regulations on Americans' Lives with Dr. Mary Ruwart

What impact do FDA (Food & Drug Administration) regulations have on Americans? Are they truly benign or could they be costing us not only extra money at the pharmacy but our lives? Today, Dr. Mary...

Jun 6, 2018

Episode 009: Doctors Getting Worked Over By the ABIM with Dr. Wes Fisher

Once again we revisit the issue of maintenance of certification (MOC) only this time with a lurid tale of conniving, cronyism, and dishonesty. Today's tale is of the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) which is charged with setting the...