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The Paradocs Podcast

The Paradocs is a fun and lively discussion with a couple of docs on the practice of medicine. Occasionally serious, usually lighthearted, and accidentally informative. A show for physicians to learn more about what is going on and a great place for them to direct their friends and family to better understand the challenges they face.

Apr 14, 2018

In this episode, Eric speaks with Dr. Belen Amat, a med/peds physician who switched from a traditional medical practice of using insurance to one of direct primary care in Grand Rapids, MI. Eric & Belen discuss the direct primary care model for delivering health care in America. Dr. Amat describes how the switch to a new model changed her whole attitude about primary care and has made her happier, empathetic, and a better doctor. In this episode we describe:

  • How Direct Primary Care works
  • How is care different with DPC than with traditional insurance based medicine
  • The costs of DPC for patients and physicians
  • What a visit to a DPC doctor is like and different than in a traditional clinic
  • The benefits of DPC for patient costs like imaging, labs, and pharmaceuticals

Listen in as you discover how her approach to medicine, balance between work and life, and entrepreneurial spirit has all changed by making the switch to DPC.

show notes

Direct Primary Care of West Michigan: Dr. Amat's practice in West Michigan displaying her pricing along with the benefits offered.

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